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Pageant Interview Tips

The Following are Some Do’s and Don’ts for Pageant Interview:

Top 10 Beauty Pageant Tips

Tips to be Successful

TIP #1

Never act like you are the best thing that just walked through the door! Leave the pre-madonnna attitude at home! No matter what pageant you are in, or what event you are at, or no matter how well you think you are going to fair always act like you are the new kid on the block! You can always learn a thing or two from your fellow contestants or organizers. You don’t want to be remembered for being a diva, in a bad way.


TIP #2

Always research or learn about the organization you are entering or the event you are trying to represent. Nothing looks worse than someone that does not have a clue about the event or company they are representing or wanting to represent. Do some homework, memorize a little bit. And if there are questions that come up during the event that you are unsure of, then be honest and say you do not know the answer. Do not try to wing it!

TIP #3

Be prepared for the event. Never leave outfits, practice, or learning your routines for the contest until the last minute. You’ll run out of time, and then you will not be satisfied or doubt with your selections. Always bring a little sewing kit with you, because you never know when you’ll have to make last-minute fixes! Consider a cordless curling iron if you are curling your hair because there is almost never a plug outlet in change rooms! Always bring your own mirror! Why fight for a mirror with all the others?

TIP #4

Be on time! Always! This is a must and can not be stressed enough. In show business there is a saying that goes, “If you’re on-time, you’re late.” Being fashionably late for a contest or an event is bad business! No one cares if you had to powder your nose again! It is very important to be on time to each and every event of the pageant you are competing. In pageantry being late often means that someone else will get your spot! The show will go on!

TIP #5

Be courteous to your fellow contestants. There is no point to being rivals or bad-mouthing each other. Yes, it makes for an interesting competition but when the contest is over, it just makes for enemies! Treat everyone with respect. Many pageant contestants make life-long friends at their competitions. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

TIP #6

Do not talk bad about your fellow contestants/models at any point in time! I know this one sounds like #5 but it bares repeating! Talking to girls about other girls never stays a secret! This is a lesson to be well learned by many females. It’s never the loudest girl that wins! It’s important to be polite.

TIP #7

Respect the organizers of the contest. These are the people that can make or break you. If you think for one second they do not have any hand in selecting the winner, guess again! The judges may pick the winner, but the organizers often give a full report to the judges about how a contestant has been acting throughout the event. Everything does get noticed. Even when you think you are not being judged, guess what? You ARE being judged. So it’s always best to put your best foot forward.

TIP #8

Respect the rules of the contest. Do not feel that the rules of the competition do not apply to you. If there is a curfew, there’s a reason for the curfew! Do not be shocked if there’s a surprise check at your door just after curfew. If they do not allow hair & makeup artists to style you or touch you up, then you better start practicing or taking lessons. If there are competition wardrobe requirements then it is best to follow them. Many pageant directors will tell their judges what is allowed and what is not . You are not the exception to the rules. If you feel like “cheating” in this department, you are probably the reason why rules were put in place.

TIP #9

Leave your boyfriends at home!!! This one has to be one of the biggest pageant tips! Ladies, your boyfriend can be your best friend, but at times your worst enemy. Tell the boyfriend that you’ll call him when you get the chance during or after the event, but you’ll be busy at rehearsals, interviews, and during the onstage competition!

*When a guy’s girlfriend is being the subject of everyone’s attention, watch out for a change in attitude. Do not let him dictate what you can and cannot do. If you want to enter a pageant or do a photo shoot, and if you’ve done your homework prior to, then all the more power to you. Many guys get intimidated or jealous when their girlfriend’s are beautiful, smart, talented, and receiving more attention than them.

TIP #10

Have fun! Enjoy the experience!! Whether it is a contest, an event, a fashion show or whatever, treat it like you may never get to be there again or do it ever again. Soak up the memories! And always follow up with a kind thank you email to the organizers so you never burn your bridges!


Refrain from saying the contest was fixed if you do not win. It just makes you look like a sore loser. That’s why it’s so important that you try to just have fun instead.

Pageant Words & Definitions

Getting Started

1. Newbie- Someone who is new, first-timers, or beginners.

2. H/M- Hair & Makeup artist.

3. Sportswear- This does NOT mean clothes with a sports theme! This is usually an outfit that is a jumpsuit or crop top and pants that may have a matching tear away skirt or jacket. You can see examples of sportswear by searching online or visiting retail clothing stores. Sportswear is usually defined in 2 ways. One is “glitz” (also called “vogue”), the other is “off the rack”. You will need to contact the pageant director to find out which type their pageant is having.

4. "OTR" or Off the Rack- An outfit or a gown that was purchased at a store, and not enhanced in any way. This is not a special ordered piece or outfit, and not custom. Off the rack means that it is usually available in many stores.

5. Casual Wear- Clothing that is considered before 5:00pm wear, something cute, funky, or upbeat that you would wear everyday to school or the mall. Informal. This outfit can be off the rack or custom made depending on what your pageant director allows.

6. Cocktail Wear- This is an outfit that would be appropriate for after 5:00pm wear. Usually dresses that are considered cocktail wear are above the knee, and more formal than casual dresses or Sunday dresses. A cocktail dress may have rhinestones or not. What usually makes the dress formal is the type of fabric, usually shiny or flashy.

7. Sunday Best- The type of dress that you would regularly wear to church. It can be custom, but is typically bought off the rack. It can be a dressy church style dress or a flower girl dress bought from a bridal shop. This is often an alternative to a 3 piece suit to be worn for interview.

8. Preliminary Pageant- This is a pageant that goes into another pageant. This is often found in “system pageants.” Some pageants can require that you compete at their “prelim” before being eligible to go on to their State or National pageant level, and some pageants do not. A preliminary pageant is usually a smaller version of that system’s larger pageant. Crowning is usually held in the afternoon, and entry fees are less, and prizes are less than the State or National pageant, but it is a great place to practice before going on to the next level. Some preliminary pageants offer an extensive prize package including discounts or fees off the next level of competition and training to prepare their winners for the next competition.

9. Preliminary Competition- Not to be confused with “preliminary pageant”. A preliminary competition is when the pageant is separated either into time frames or days prior to the “Finals Competition.” A preliminary competition may be Personal Interview, Talent, Swim Wear, Spokesmodel, Acting, or Evening/Formal Wear.

10. Evening Gown Presentation- An Evening Gown Presentation is often used to describe the showcase of gowns whether through modeling or a dance.

11. Evening Gown Competition- The Evening Gown Competition is your moment to shine! This is where the scoring takes place.

12. System Pageants- There are many pageants that do not advance in the world of pageantry such as: Festival Queens, Fair Queens, and sometimes City Pageants produced by the city. A system pageant is a pageant that sends their winner to the next level of competition. The city or area winner will compete at State, the State winner will then compete at Nationals, and the National winner will compete Internationally (when available). The most familiar and popular Pageant Systems are Miss America, Miss USA/Miss Universe/Miss Teen USA, Miss World, Miss International, etc.


13. Glitz Pageants- This refers to a particular type pageant style. Glitz is typically: fancy dresses that are custom made, a lot of rhinestones, heavy make up, fake tanning, memorized routines, hairpieces and big hair! (Because the Glitz world of pageants is very large and extensive, we at Texas Pageant Scene do not have information on Glitz pageants. But it is very important to know there is a difference.)

14. Natural Pageants- This refers to a particular pageant style. Typically it stresses natural beauty, no or limited makeup, no hairpieces or extensions, and no or limited rhinestones on the clothing! Competition gowns in natural pageants are usually required to touch the floor, where Glitz contestants often wear tutus.

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